Astro C3 robot Vacuum Review in 2022

Astro C3 is the smartest and most powerful robotic vacuum on the market. Return to a clean house without having to move a finger! This Astro C3 vacuum review emphasizes its key characteristics, why you need to purchase Astro C3, how to use Astro C3 vacuum, the best price for Astro C3, and others.

What is Astro C3 Robot Vacuum?

Astro C3 is a three-in-one robot vacuum: Powerful suction, disinfecting Ultra-Violet (UV) rays, and wet mopping. It cleans tile, short carpet, and hardwood floors well. Its sleek and small design helps it to reach every part of your home-sweeping beneath the sofas, mattresses, and furniture.

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum is user-friendly and straightforward to set up. It is wireless electronic equipment that relies on an intelligent, modern computer chip to give spectacular cleaning on any surface and room. Astro C3 is compatible with cellphones with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Access all its operations with your smartphone vacuum or mop function and its sophisticated robot support.

Astro C3 robot Vacuum

Main Features of Astro C3

  • Multi-purpose: Astro C3 mops, dry, disinfects, sweeps fine dust, and picks up dog furs and hairs.
  • Ultra Violet Disinfecting Light: Its UV light helps to disinfect your home floor and keeps the floor free from bacteria and germs.
  • Air purifier: Astro C3 purifies your room atmosphere and filters fine particles of dust from in your room.
  • Dual Brush Rotating Performance: Its dual rotational brushes help to pick up debris and specks of dirt in all corners of your room.
  • High-speed processor: Processes information received through its sensor at high speed for effective cleaning functions.

Astro C3 Advantages

  • User-friendly, Astro C3 is a smart and handy device designed for persons of all age brackets and levels that are technically savvy, making cleaning easy.
  • Strong suction its powerful suction enable Astro C3 Robot Vacuum to absorb particles of large size and clean dust easily.
  • The multifunctional device provides various options for cleaning, such as wet and dry mopping, UV disinfectant, and potent vacuuming.
  • Suitable for any floor, Astro C3 Robot Vacuum is a cleaning solution for any floor carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. It adapts to all floors and disinfects surfaces.
  • Instantly synchronizing with your smartphones, it seamlessly connects to Android and Apple devices using its Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Access all the functions of Astro C3 at the touch of a button.

How To Use Astro C3 Robot Vacuum?

Follow the three steps below to get started with a Wi-Fi-connected Astro C3. Ensure Astro C3 is fully charged

  1. Step 1

    Download the Astro C3 Home app

  2. Step 2

    Place Astro C3 in a tidy area and activate AstroC3 Wi-Fi to connect with your smartphone.

  3. Step 3

    Begin the cleaning process and cycle by pressing CLEAN.

Why You Need To Buy Astro C3

Astro C3 has received excellent reviews. These and the reasons below are why you should buy Astro C3.

  • High quality guaranteed. Enjoy seamless, consistent performance for a long time
  • Wireless compatibility. It syncs with your Bluetooth-enables phone, giving you access to all functions of Astro C3
  • Absorbs dust particles. Its powerful suctions enables it to absorb dust particles of large sizes and thereby keep your floor clean
  • Disinfects your floor. Its antibacterial UV rate helps to keep your room floor and home free of bacteria and germs
  • Cleans every corner of your room. Astro C3’s double rotating brushes help to collect debris and dirt from any corner of your room.
  • Maintenance. It comes with tools that make it easy for you to maintain and service its parts.

Astro C3 robot Vacuum

Astro C3 Technical Specifications

Below are the technical specifications for Astro C3:

  • Brand Name: Astro
  • Suction Pressure: 1500 Pa suction motor
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Processing speed: High-Speed
  • Disinfection Type: UV light technology
  • Battery Capacity and Type: 2400 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Surface Recommendation: Dual-action
  • Self-Cleaning: Yes
  • Blade speed: 20,000 RPM
  • Noise level: Low noise and silent operation


Like all the best robot vacuums, the Astro C-3 exploits the advances and innovations of modern batteries. Such is its size, it’s incredible that the folks at Astro found space at all for such a power unit. And its slimline structure also means that it will hide away under your sofa or in the corner while it recharges, ready to vacuum, mop, and disinfect all over again.


No matter how good a robot vacuum is, no matter how well it cleans itself and dislodges dog hairs and dust from its rollers, the fact is that every now and then, they will all benefit from a mini service. Thankfully, the team at Astro is only happy to help, and the C-3 comes with all the tools you’ll ever need to do so.


You can probably find a robot vacuum cleaner for $99.99. You may have to wait for Black Friday or compromise on quality, but budget options do exist. What you won’t find, though, is a three-in-one, ultra-sleek machine that vacuums, mops, and uses UV light to disinfect at the same time. Quite simply, the Astro C-3 has hit a staggeringly good price point.

How To Charge an Astro C3 Robot Vacuum? 

Like all the top robot vacuums, the Astro C-3 harnesses the breakthroughs and innovations of current batteries. Such is its size, it’s remarkable that the guys at Astro found a room at all for such a power unit. And its slimline construction also means that it will hide away beneath your couch or in the corner while it recharges, ready to vacuum, clean, and disinfect all over again.

How To Maintain Astro C3 Robot Vacuum?

No matter how wonderful a robot vacuum is, no matter how thoroughly it cleans itself and dislodges dog hairs and dust from its rollers, the reality is that every now and then, they will all benefit from a little service. Thankfully, the crew at Astro is only delighted to assist, and the C-3 comes with all the tools you’ll ever need to do so.

Consumer Reports Of Astro C3 Robot Vacuum/ Reviews Of Astro C3 Robot Vacuum

 “Extremely happy with this robot vacuum, it is easy to set up, has lots of useful functions, and the battery seems to be lasting very well. Fantastic price compared to other well-known brands. Would highly recommend the Astro C-3 to anyone that doesn’t have time to clean.” – Vanessa S.

“I went through a few wireless vacuums before I came across Astro C-3. I love how intuitive it is and how it gets under literally everything in my house! It looks cool too. The purple light is a nice feature! Highly recommend it!!” – Yvonne N. –

“Really easy to set up and super effective! The smartphone app is possibly the best on the market. I just leave it on when I leave my apartment and it is sparkling clean when I get back. I hate cleaning so Astro C-3 has really saved my life” – Samantha T.

“Astro C-3 was recommended by a friend of mine. What a great little gadget!! Really multifunctional and it cleans itself. Can’t complain about my purchase.” – Jordan R.

“I bought this robot vacuum for my daughter but seeing how much she enjoyed it, I ended up getting one myself! It was simple to configure even for me. Leaves the house spotless when we go away for the weekend. Nothing better than returning to a clean house!” – Julianna C.

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