Computer Uptime Not Resetting: Common Reason & Solution

The computer uptime is not resetting when you have the first startup enabled in your system. To solve this problem disable the first startup on your computer. And you can save your computer from failing to reset after shutting down. 

Key Takeaways

  • Open the power option in the control panel
  • Click the “Choose what the power button do” option
  • Finally, uncheck the “Turn on fast startup” and Save the changes

Why is the Computer Uptime Not Resetting? 

A lot of people have stated one problem with their computer while using Windows 10 and 11 is Computer Uptime not resetting. Let me explain this problem to you briefly.

cpu up time not resetting
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So, this is a hybrid scenario when your computer is at the same time completely powered off position and has some cache files open for faster startup. That means your computer’s uptime is not reset after it is powered off. 

The only reason why the computer uptime is not resetting is because of the enabled “First Startup” option. This is a special feature that reduces the timeframe between a computer boot-up from being completely shut down. So, it ultimately makes the booting-up session really fast. 

You must be thinking about how to disable the first startup feature to avoid this scenario. Well, the process is pretty straightforward. Don’t worry, I will guide you through the process step-by-step in the coming section. 

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Problem 1: First Startup

If your computer has the First Startup option enabled, it will create a computer uptime not resetting issue.  For this feature, the uptime counter fails to reset after shutting down.

First Startup
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The following steps will show you the process of disabling the first startup process:

  • Firstly, press “Win+R” to open a new Run window at the corner
  • Write “powercfg.cpl” in the open bar and press enter to open the power option control panel
  • Now click the “Choose what the power button do” option
  • Next, click “Change settings that are currently unavailable” if it is visible
  • Finally, uncheck the “Turn on fast startup”, and press on Save changes

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Should You Reset CPU Uptime?

Yes, one should definitely reset the CPU Uptime of their computer. Though First Startup is a useful option, sometimes your computer needs to be shut down fully. That way, your device gets to finish certain tasks, for example, windows updates.

Reset CPU Uptime
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The reset CPU Uptime also helps to keep your computer stable and properly functioning. If you want to perform the fully shut-down procedure quickly, simply Restart your computer. Moreover, resetting CPU uptime increases the performance if you give it some time.

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Why is the Laptop’s Uptime So High?

A laptop’s Uptime is basically the difference between the current time and the system boot time, which is why it is so high. And most importantly, it doesn’t subtract any time in between which the system has spent sleeping or hibernating. 

So, the timeframe is naturally high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Bad to Have A High CPU Uptime?

Yes, large CPU uptime can be troublesome sometimes. Sometimes, large uptime on a computer can cause failure insecurity handshakes. This happens through software processing. Other than that, it also stuck codes in a failed state and created coordination issues between devices and programs. 

How to Know If The CPU is Overworking?

To detect an overworking CPU, you might encounter a slowdown in the CPU Processing. Check the  Task Manager or any other tool which shows what application are running. If any of the tools shows that the CPU is occupied 100%, that means the CPU is working at maximum capacity.

How much CPU Usage is Normal?

Normal CPU Uptime when there is no web page loading or software running is happening is 1%-5%. This range is also safe and indicates your CPU is working fine. You can consider it as good CPU usage. 

Final Words

Hope you can resolve your Computer Uptime not Resetting issue following our article. We are at the end of our discussion. 

One last tip: for better CPU Performance, do not forget to reset CPU uptime regularly. 

With that note, we are done for now. 

Have a good day!

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