When Connected To Internet But Cannot Browse Windows XP: Best Advices

Windows XP is one of the most popular operating systems of all time. XP offers lots of advantages to its users. However, it has some major issues too. Not getting an internet connection is such an issue.

So, what is the reason for being connected to internet but cannot browse Windows XP?

The backdated browsers used in Windows XP cause hindrances in browsing. Besides that faulty DNS settings and backdated drivers also cause this issue. Sometimes, Windows Defender disturbs the connectivity too. Resetting the network components can help to fix this problem. 

This is just the gist of my discussion. You will need more details to use the internet on your Windows XP without any hassle. So keep scrolling!

Windows XP Connected To The Internet But The Browser Is Not Working- Why? 

connected to internet but cannot browse windows xp

Windows XP ethernet connected but no internet is a very annoying event faced by the users. This problem arises for several reasons. But the old age of Windows XP is one of the major causes behind the internet connection problem.

Microsoft stopped official support for Windows XP in 2014. As a result, major browsing software does not have any recent updates for this operating system. Microsoft Edge, which is one of the leading web browsers of the current time, does not run on XP too. 

Also, the old Internet browser of Microsoft, Internet Explorer, did not get any update since 2014. Google Chrome also stopped updating its browser for Windows XP in 2016. As a result, there are several bugs and glitches in these browsers. 

They prevent the browsers from connecting to the internet. Thus Windows XP internet is connected but the browser not working situation takes place.

As the official updates for the popular browsers are unavailable for XP, third-party developers take this chance. They provide unofficial updated browsers which are not safe. So using the internet on XP can be disastrous. 

Wrong DNS Settings and issues in Firewall & Security Software are two other big reasons behind the no internet situation. Now let’s see details about these issues.

Wrong DNS Setting:

The Domain Name System or DNS is very crucial for using the internet on your PC. This system translates the web address into the IP address. Like all other browsers, the internet connection on XP will not work without the correct DNS settings. 

Then Windows XP cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP. The DNS settings on Windows can be corrected from the Control panel. Fixing the DNS is not as complex as installing an IO shield.

Here is a step-by-step guideline for changing the DNS Settings. 

  • First, open the Control Panel from the Start option.
  • Select Network And Internet Connections.
  • Choose Network Connection.
  • Select your connection and go to Change settings of this connection.
  • Go to Properties and then click Advance. 
  • Find the DNS tab.
  • Specify the correct names.
  • Press OK.

In this way, you can rectify your DNS settings and use the internet again.

Firewall & Security Software:

Windows Firewall is provided by Microsoft to ensure utmost security. But sometimes the Firewall can hamper the internet service. Besides the Fire, some security software like Antivirus software can also disturb your connectivity. 

A firewall hinders your internet usage if you are using unofficial browsers. These browsers often contain viruses that compensate for PC security. As a result, Firewall blocks the browser from getting connected to the internet. The case is similar for security software too. 

However, sometimes the Firewall also gives wrong signals and stops the internet. You can change the Windows Firewall settings to get rid of this issue. Changing the settings will unblock the browser just like getting unblocked from a WiFi network

Here are the steps for doing that. 

  • Type Firewall in the Start and select Windows Defender Firewall. 
  • Select Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall and choose your browser. 
  • Go to Change Settings and make the required changes. 

Once you change the settings, you are good to go!

Backdated Driver:

The driver is the bridge between the software and hardware of the computer. The computer must have updated drivers for proper functioning. Often backdated drivers hamper the internet service. Regularly updating the drivers can help solve internet issues.

The best way to update the drivers is by visiting the website of the manufacturer. There is also some third-party software that helps to update the drivers easily.

These are the most common issues for which the browsers don’t work despite Windows XP being connected to the internet. I am going to present some ways of fixing the internet on Windows XP in the next segment. 

How do I fix my Internet connection on Windows XP? [400]

Sometimes the PC can be connected to the internet but cannot access websites. And other times the Windows XP internet explorer cannot display the webpage. As discussed earlier, there are several reasons behind these issues. 

Anyway, I am going to provide some common troubleshooting methods for you. So keep reading!

Reset Network Components:

The first thing to do for fixing the internet connection is to reset the network components. Here are the required steps for the resetting process. 

  • Turn off all the external internet components including the router, modem, hub, etc. 
  • Shut down the computer.
  • Restart the internet components.
  • Restart the computer. 

Now check the internet connection to see if it is fixed or not.

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XP Repair Wizard:

If the previous method did not solve your problem, use the XP Repair Wizard. Follow the below-given steps to use this wizard without any issues. 

  • Right-click on the Network icon on your taskbar. Now select the Repair option. Required instructions will come on the screen. Follow them properly. However, sometimes the Repair option might not be available here.
  • If the Repair option is unavailable, don’t get worried. Go to the Control Panel. Find the Network Connections option.
  • Double-click this option and you will find Repair. Click on it and the procedure will begin. 

The XP Repair Wizard will guide you to solve all the issues with the network connection on your PC. Follow the steps carefully. 

Uninstall and Reinstall Drivers:

Sometimes issues in the drivers prevent Windows XP browsers from using the Internet. This situation can happen despite having updated browsers. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver can help solve this issue.

  • Go to the Control Panel and select Classic View.
  • Find the System and double-click on it. Select Hardware and then select Device Manager. 
  • Choose Network Adapter or Modem according to your requirement. 
  • Click Uninstall and restart the computer. 
  • Once the computer turns on, let Windows detect the driver and install it.

The problem should be solved once you reinstall the driver.

These are the necessary troubleshooting methods you need to solve internet issues on your Windows XP. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why the Internet is not working? 

The internet might not be working for many reasons. Firstly, the issue might be with the equipment you are using for connecting to the internet. Restarting this equipment can restore the connection. Then there are also other issues like inadequate speed, bad weather, too much load, etc.

Why can’t my laptop connect to the Internet?

The laptop can not connect to the internet if there are issues with the WiFi system. An overloaded router will not provide enough network to the router. Also, inserting an incorrect password will prevent the laptop from accessing the Internet. Staying too away from the router can also cause problems. 

How do I reset Windows network settings?

You can reset Windows network settings from the control panel of your computer. Go to the Control Panel and select Network And Internet from there. You will find the Status option. Get into it. Scroll to the bottom and find the Reset Network. Press on it, and the network settings will reset.


I have tried to solve the issue: connected to wifi but cannot browse. I hope that now you can deal with your issue easily.

Since Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft, it is better to update. Newer versions of the operating system will provide a more safe and smooth experience.