CPU Cooler wont fit Motherboard! How to solve it?

Hey, I think you are tired of following questions that your CPU Cooler wont fit Motherboard. This problem often occurs when your CPU cooler is not compatible with your motherboard.

You must nonetheless fit the CPU cooler onto the motherboard because it is crucial in lowering the process’ temperature.

The CPU may therefore not fit with the motherboard in a few different circumstances. But before we can offer remedies to the problem, we must first understand how you precisely know that your CPU cooling fan is insufficient.

Reasons why CPU Coolers wont fit Motherboard

Different kinds of CPU coolers exist. You might want to mount a liquid or air cooler on your motherboard, for instance. Whatever it is, you must first identify the precise causes of your CPU cooler’s improper fit.

Once you are aware of the causes, the remedy we offer you here will be quite beneficial.

1. CPU Cooler incompatible with the motherboard

If the CPU cooler is still incompatible with the motherboard, it might not be possible for you. Therefore, you must select the proper CPU Cooler for your motherboard. If the size of the heatsink doesn’t fit beneath the motherboard, the CPU cooler may occasionally continue to be ineffective.

When purchasing an AIO cooler, it is very important to pay attention to the size and compatibility.

2. Wrong placement of Backplate

The CPU cooler is mounted to the motherboard behind the processor and is kept in place by the backplate, which also supports its weight. Unfortunately, the CPU has more fantastic screws that go into the holes in the backplate. Therefore, the cooler normally won’t fit if the backplate and cooler have any loose connections.

3. Faulty Setup

Numerous analyses have led us to the conclusion that improper cooler installation frequently results in the CPU cooler not fitting. Therefore, whether it is an Air cooler or an AIO cooler, you should be able to install the CPU cooler because a poor installation technique will cause several issues.

For these reasons CPU cooler wont fit motherboard.

How to make CPU cooler fit on motherboard

1. Choose a compatible Cpu Cooler with the motherboard

You must choose an appropriate cooler if your CPU cooler does not fit on the motherboard in order to solve the issue. As a result, it will depend on the kind of motherboard you have. Whether or not the PC fan fits on your motherboard will depend on the motherboard socket.

Therefore, you must identify the model number of your CPU. Then you ought to purchase a CPU cooler whose model number corresponds to the motherboard socket. The newer coolers might not work with your older motherboard socket.

2. Place the Backplate perfectly

If you ask us to list the most pressing reasons why your CPU cooler cannot fit on the motherboard, we will reply that it is because the socket is positioned incorrectly. Therefore, you must get the appropriate socket and install it correctly to allay this worry.

The socket that will connect to the motherboard typically has four screws. Additionally, air will be supplied by the cooler through the backplate. As a result, the procession will bring many expected things if the backplate is placed incorrectly.

3. Install the CPU cooler properly

You ought to be able to set up the CPU cooler. You might not need to set up parts when you purchase a PC for the first time. However, you must install the CPU cooler correctly if you plan to install it or replace it.

In this situation, you can also refer to the user handbook. As a result, installing an AIO cooler is far more difficult than installing an air cooler. You should therefore take additional care in this area.

To precisely install the air cooler on your motherboard, follow the procedures below:

  • Place your CPU cooler such that it faces the processor’s rear.
  • Put the contact points in the motherboard’s holes.
  • Put enough force into the motherboard screws as you tighten them.
  • Connect the CPU fan’s power cable.

Let’s now discuss the steps you must take to perform a proper installation in order to fix the AIO doesn’t fit on the motherboard concerns:

  • Put the bracket in place correctly.
  • Place the bracket mountain points in place, then properly tighten the motherboard screwholes.
  • Install the radiation fan now in the appropriate location for your case.
  • Put the radiation directly into the motherboard’s casing.
  • Correctly attach the cord to the CPU AIO cooler fan.

Work following these steps. I am sure these steps will solve the question of whether your CPU cooler wont fit motherboard.




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