EV Evolve 50 Problems: Common Problems With Solution

Some common problems with EV Evolve 50 are unusual buzzing or hissing noises from the system, microphone issues, distorted sound quality, growing bass feedback, locked DSP menu, etc.

Let me give you a quick overview of the solutions to the stated issues-

  • Fixing the amplifier can resolve the sound issue 
  • Grounding correction and engaging microphone pre-amp for stopping the buzzing noise 
  • An external phantom power source can solve the microphone problem 
  • For sound distortion, reducing the level knob of the loudspeaker helps 

EV Evolve 50 Problems: Troubleshooting

EV Evolve 50 has a few common issues that some users have reported. These common issues can be resolved easily just by following a few steps carefully. Don’t worry I will guide you through the problems and the detailed solution.

EV Evolve 50 Troubleshooting
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But before that, let me give you a quick overview of the problem and the solution in the following table-

Sound IssueRepair or replace the amplifierReplace faulty wiring
Buzzing Noise From the SystemRepair the unusual noise sourceCorrect the groundingEngage microphone pre-amp
Microphone IssueUse an external phantom power source
Sound DistortedReduce the loudspeaker level knob
Growing Bass FeedbackReduce the bass level through DSP or EQ setting
Locked DSP MenuPress the master vol knob

Problem 1: EV Evolve 50 Not Making Any Sound 

EV Evolve 50 not making any sound means that it has a faulty amplifier or the wiring is not connected properly.  Normally, I am going to check the wiring first and then the amplifier.


This is not a complicated problem. I will break down the solution steps for you in the following-

Wiring Issue:

EV Evolve 50 Not Making Any Sound
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If wiring is the issue, firstly, you must ensure you are connected to the amplifier with the correct cable. Once you ensure that, then follow the process below-

  • Firstly, play low-level music with an amplifier
  • Manage a test loudspeaker parallel to the malfunctioning line
  • If the sound is fragile or there is no sound, the issue is in the line
  • With the help of a test loudspeaker, move the line for testing and find the faulty wire
  • Replace the faulty wire 

Make sure you know how to address the cable box blinking green issue to avoid this problem with your cable box further.

Amplifier Issue:

Before starting with the amplifier, make sure all your connected devices are turned on. The signal routing is right, the electric source is turned on, and the volume is up enough to hear the sound. 

If all of these are working fine, the issue is with the amplifier. Repair the amplifier if possible or replace it as necessary. 

Problem 2: Buzzing Noise From the System

Sometimes, you may notice some kind of buzzing or hissing noise coming from your EV Evolve 50. A few reasons that can cause such problems are ground loop, defective electric source, or displaced input gain knob in Mic. 


Here are the possible solutions for the sound problem-

  • Inspect all the attached components and figure out the source of the noise
  • Once the source is detected, replace or repair the fault in it
  • If it is a grounding issue, then repair the system’s grounding
  • If the issue is the input gain knob connection, increase the gain knob level
  • Increasing the knob level will engage the pre-amp of the microphone to solve the noise issue

Problem 3: Microphone Issue

Microphone not making any sound is another common EV Evolve 50 problem. No matter whether input is connected to input 1 or input 2, it fails to create sound. If the position of the input gain knob is incorrect, then such a problem can take place. 

You may also face the same problem if your microphone requires phantom power.


You can easily solve the microphone problem. If you want to avoid phantom power complexity, it is best to use a microphone that doesn’t require phantom power. But if you have one that requires phantom power, use an external phantom power source.

To resolve the input knobs positioning issue, increase the input gain level for engaging the microphone pre-amp.

Bonus: You can also check this: How to use XLR mic on PC, which will guide you through the usages of mics on PC.  

Problem 4: Sound Distorted

Some users have faced distorted sound issues where the front LED remains off, and the LCD screen limit is on with their EV Evolve 50. If your device is facing an excessive input level or there is overdriven source input, such a problem can take place.


To prevent the excessive input level issue, reduce the loudspeaker level knobs. 

For resolving overdriven source input, check the UV meter indicator. If it is solid, or the system shows a limit, then the source level is very high, and you have to adjust the power of the source level.

Problem 5: Growing Bass Feedback

Some users have faced high-end clarity and separation in sound with their EV Evolve 50. Usually, if the bass setting is increased, such a problem can arise. 


Growing Bass Feedback
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To resolve this issue, you have to adjust the bass level. To do so, reduce the bass through DSP. you can also take the help of the onboard EQ setting. If this doesn’t help much, adjusting the master EQ preset can also help to have a balanced sound. 

Bonus: Here is an article regarding Bass boost: how to connect a powered subwoofer to passive speakers, which can be useful for you.

Problem 6: Locked DSP Menu

A locked DSP menu can cause you different trouble. In fact, you will be restricted from making necessary adjustments to the system. If your menu lock function is turned on, this problem can happen. 


The solution to this problem is very straightforward. All you have to do is to press the Master Vol knob. Hold the knob for 5 seconds straight and leave it. 

Final Words

We are at the end of our entire discussion. Hope we can cover all the common EV Evolve 50 problems.

Just to avoid common issues, regular maintenance and making sure the wiring is fine is essential. 

That’s all for now. Will be back soon.

Till then, take care!

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