HDMI Connection Not Permitted: Total Solution Guide

HDMI connection is not permitted if there is a problem with the cable connection or there is any software bug. Other than that, issues with the A/V receiver or sometimes wrong settings can also cause the same problem. 

Here, I am giving you an overview of the solutions quickly. Check the following points-

  • Replace the faulty cable
  • Power circulates through the entire system
  • Replace or repair the power receive connection
  • Enable HDCP Status

I have discussed the steps for all the solutions in detail to make your job easier. Have a look at the main discussion.  

Reasons Why HDMI Connection is Not Permitted

HDMI connection not permitted is a widely acknowledged problem. It may cause you trouble, but once you identify the reasons behind the issue, the solution is quite simple. 

For your convenience, I have listed all the reasons and the solution in the following table. Have a glance-

Loose Cable ConnectionReconnect/Replace the cables
Software BugPower Circulation throughout the System
Issue in A/V ReceiverRecheck the Power Receiver Connection
Setting IssueEnable HDCP Status
Unknown Internal IssueTroubleshooter Setting

Fixing HDMI Connection Not Permitted: Troubleshooting

hdmi cable not permitted tivo
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HDMI connection not permitted can be caused for different reasons and according to the reasons there are solutions. The solutions are not very complicated to follow. Here, I am breaking down all the solution steps in the following-

Problem 1: Check the Cable Connection

If there is any issue with the cable connection of your HDMI, then you may face an HDMI connection not permitted problem. Sometimes, cables can go bad, or the connection is loose. 

Check the Cable Connection
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Other than that, any debris or obstruction in the connection can also lead to the same problem.


To solve the HDMI  connection issue, firstly, check the TiVo box connection setup carefully. Following that connection, disconnect the cables and reconnect them again. That way, you can solve the loose connection issue. 

Before reconnecting, make sure you check all the entry ports for any debris. Clean any such obstructions before reconnecting. 

If this process still fails to solve the issue, then any of the cables may go bad. If you find any bad cable, replace it with a good quality HDMI cable which supports up to 4k resolution. 

Bonus: Check  why your cable box is blinking green to avoid this problem. 

Problem 2: Check For Software Bug

In some cases, an HDMI connection not permitted issue may appear due to a software bug. Software bugs can interrupt the entire system, and that is why connections not permitted can take place in HDMI. 

Check Software Bug
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Power circulation throughout the entire system is the best solution for solving the software bug issue. Here is the process-

  • Disconnect the TiVo recorder for 3 minutes 
  • Next, unplug the TV from the power source for 3 minutes
  • After that, disconnect the A/V receiver from the power for three minutes
  • Remove temporarily any third-party device in the TiVo setup
  • Finally, restart and refresh the TiVo setup

Problem 3: Check the A/V Receiver

If you have an A/V receiver connected to your system, the chance of an HDMI connection not permitted problem occurring becomes higher. Usually, when your DVR is attached to a larger number of TVs, and you are using an A/V receiver for each of them, this problem may take place.


To figure out the root of the problem, firstly, bypass the A/V receiver and connect your device directly to the TV HDMI input. If the connection is not permitted, the problem is solved. Here is what you need to check-

  • Check if the A/V receiver is connected properly to the power
  • Make sure the input is selected correctly
  • Check whether the A/V receiver is powered on

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Problem 4: Check the Setting

Sometimes, an issue in the setting can cause an HDMI connection not permitted issue. Sometimes, turning off HDCP status can cause such a problem to take place. The solution is pretty simple for such settings issues.


Here is how to solve the setting issue-

  • Firstly, enter the display output menu
  • Locate the HDCP or HDCP status
  • Enable the HDCP status if it is disabled 

Even if you find the HDCP status enabled, still disable it for once and enable it again to make HDMI work.

Problem 5: Use Troubleshooter Setting

If you have tried everything that has been mentioned earlier and are still getting a not permitted problem, then there might be an undefined internal issue. Your TiVo box can resolve such internal issues by itself.


Here is how you can enable the auto troubleshooting process-

  • Firstly, from the central screen, go to settings and messages
  • Next, go to the help option, where you will find the troubleshooting option
  • Select the troubleshooting option and let your device find the problem

Once your device has identified the problem, take steps accordingly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Enable HDMI on TV?

To enable HDMI on TV, first, go to the settings option and select inputs. There, you will find the HDMI control option. Just enable the HDMI control option for enabling it on your TV. you can follow the same process for disabling just by disabling the HDMI control option.

How to Activate HDMI Port?

To enable the HDMI port, firstly, search the control panel by typing in the search bar. Go to the hardware and sound option. From that, go to the sound option and playback. Click on the Digital Output Device (HDMI) option. And finally, click apply.

Where is the HDMI Port in The Computer?

To find the HDMI port in the computer, look behind the CPU if you have a desktop computer. If you have a laptop, you will find it on the side of the keyboard. You will find regular HDMI ports on most of the PCs. Otherwise, you will find an HDMI mini.

Final Words

Hope we can help you with enough information to solve the HDMI Connection Not Permitted Issue. Just follow the instructions that have been explained to you carefully, and you can solve the issues.

One last suggestion: if you find the solution process complicated, do not forget to take expert help.

That is everything for now. We will be back soon, till then, stay safe!

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