Mission impossible: How to activate iPad without Apple ID and password

How to activate iPad without Apple ID and password? We are all humans, after all, and tend to forget things, especially if we don’t use them often. The same is true with passwords or in our case, Apple ID & Apple ID passwords. Forgot Apple ID? The first thing that comes to mind is to contact Apple support.

If that leaves you empty-handed or this iPad didn’t belong to you & you can’t get in touch with the previous owner (second-hand iPad), there are still many ways to overcome this brick wall. Some of them are easy to follow, and some are a bit more complicated.

Before you try to unlock your iPad, which you have the intention of purchasing from someone else, please get acquainted with the below information.

If iPad has a previous owner – some advice

With the electronic market full of used devices, it’s very common, and I would say practical to buy not brand-new equipment, but previously used ones, including iPads. But this should be done with care, as your second-hand iPad might bring you a lot of headaches.

Here are some points to look at before you send your money away. Hope, you’ll find them useful.

  • Try to make sure it’s not stolen; it’s hard to verify, but still, there are some ways to verify:
    • ask the previous owner to present you with any sort of buying proof (skipping personal details, like credit card information or home address);
    • ask regarding iPad performance if it was used (when it slows, how video runs, etc.);
    • check out the Model number;
    • ask for the pictures (better ask for video);
    • besides, it’s better if this iPad comes with AppleCare+ or any other coverage when it was acquired. If not, think of acquiring it in the Apple Store.
  • Pay attention to the price. If it’s too low, you should be alarmed. You can easily find comparable price tables for second-hand iPads.
  • Check out the iPad condition (ask for video from all possible corners).
  • Check out for accessories list. Ask how the charging process goes well. Usually, a lower price is a reason for iPad when charges are exhausted fast. If you discover that only at home, try to reach out to Apple support.
  • Ask the seller whether he took care of resetting the iPad to its default settings. He also needs to erase iPad.

How to activate iPad without Apple ID & password #1

As we have just spent enough time discussing interactions with the previous owner, it would be logical to seek help from that person as she/he is the one who possesses the needed details (including Apple ID).

The previous owner needs to delete his old iOS equipment. By:

  • Sign in to iCloud.
  • Find My Feature.
  • Remove the Locked iPad from the iCloud account.

How to activate iPad without Apple ID and password #2

This option is less troublesome, you can easily execute it & the problem with an unknown Apple ID or password will be resolved.

  • Go to https://appleid.apple.com, and scroll down to “Forgot Apple ID or password?”.
  • Tap the “Look it up” link underneath the prompting line.
  • Click on “I want to reset my password”.
  • Then you get a choice of how to proceed. Whether to get an email or answer secret questions. In the first case, you will get a link where the password can be changed.

How to activate iPad without Apple ID and password #3

Now we come down to third-party tools which can help to regain access to the equipment with an inaccessible Apple ID or password.

PassFab Activation Unlocker is one of them. You can unlock Apple ID – here is the list of actions below:

  • Download the apps to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Plug the iPad into your PC.
  • Execute the apps.
  • During the process, the apps will ask you to provide a USB stick to write a Jailbreak tool on it. Please do.
  • Obey an ask to “Follow the video tutorial to jailbreak your iPad”.
  • Basically, this is it.

How to activate iPad without Apple ID and password #4

One more example of an app that deals with unknown Apple IDs is UnlockGo.

As with the previous apps, first, you need to download & execute it on your PC.

  • Tap on “Unlock iCloud activation lock”.
  • Click on Start & connect your crippled device to your PC.
  • UnlockGo will commence uploading, and the special tool (Jailbreak) will remove activation lock.
  • Once it’s done, please confirm with Jailbreak to start the process.

And from now on, always bear in mind your Apple ID and password.

Besides learning how to activate iPad without apple ID and password, on our website you can also read articles on many different subjects. For example, about installing APK on iPhone. If you’re interested, please, open the link.

How to activate iPad without Apple ID password #5

Another great application that can help you if you can’t memorize your Apple ID or password is AnyLock.

As usual, first, you need to download this app.

  • Run it on your PC.
  • Select “Unlock Apple ID”.
  • Press “Start”.
  • Plug your PC & your tablet together. Press “Trust” if asked.
  • Press “Unlock NOW”. Caution! Don’t disconnect your iPad during the process, and don’t try to abort the process. Your iPad should restart automatically.

If nothing happens, that means that the feature “Find my iPad” is on. In such case, please do the following:

  • See if the screen passcode and two-factor authentication are turned on. Select “Continue’.
  • Get the software downloaded. When it’s loaded, press on “Unlock NOW” and this time all should be fine.

Your Apple device is now gone successfully through the unlocking process. Again, guard your Apple ID now.

How to activate iPad without Apple ID or password #6

If we dig wider, we can realize that there are tons of apps that can unlock not only the iPad but any iOS equipment.

You may buy one device and have ended up looking at the screen lock, not possessing Apple ID or password.

In this case, you can grab a great instrument called iMyFone iBypasser iCloud activation lock bypass tool.

Please get acquainted with the instructions on how to activate iPhone without knowing your Apple ID or password. Get the app downloaded first.

  • Install this app on your PC.
  • Plug your PC and own iPhone that is in the activation lock.
  • The installed apps will remove the activation lock.

Now you can activate iPhone with your Apple ID or password (own Apple account). Again, the same course of action is applicable to unlock iPad and iPad Mini.

The “workaround” method to activate iPad

Unlike the previous ways, you don’t need to download any apps, which try to resolve the activation lock in case someone forgot Apple ID.

You deal only with the local equipment settings. Like DNS in this case.

To boil down, how DNS works: DNS servers present convenient ways of typing webpage addresses into something other parts of the World Wide Web understand – figures (numerical IP addresses).

The essence of this method is to bypass activation lock (the iOS device first will be readdressed to an Apple server to authenticate Apple ID) via DNS bypass.

  • In Wi-Fi settings, press on the “i” (information) character next to the available Wi-Fi network.
  • Find the DHCP tab -> configure DNS.
  • Type one of the below IP addresses: USA –
  • Reconnect to Wi-Fi.
  • Chose “Back”.
  • Choose “Activation help”.

Your tablet is connected now to the bypass server & gets activated.

As your iPad activation lock is overcome, and all trouble is left behind – please keep safe your Apple ID from now on.

Learn more on how to activate iPad without apple ID and password by following the link.


Is it possible to unlock an iPad without Apple ID and password?

Sure thing. I suggested a lot of apps above that unlock Apple devices (with an unknown Apple ID or password case).

DNS bypass is also a way out (allowing for bypass iCloud activation lock).

And don’t forget, you can always try to reach the ex-owner. That person should be able to help you with the activation lock by removing that iOS device from his iCloud.

Can’t recall the password? You can always reset Apple ID password (follow the instructions on the Apple support page). If you forgot Apple ID and password, please refer to the same support page. Or you can search above for my activation method #2.

How do I start my iPad without Apple ID?

You don’t need to have Apple ID or iCloud account on your Apple device, but you can always get back to it later. The device will function normally.

How do I setup my iPad without Apple ID and password?

You can omit that section of the setup. The Apple ID is not obligatory. Apple ID must be only provided in case of iCloud usage, or you want to have apps through the Apple store.
You can roll out your iPad/iPad mini and use the native apps without an Apple ID.

The same is true for other Apple equipment. For instance, to activate iPhone you don’t need to have an Apple ID. During the setup, you can choose “Set up later”.

How to do a factory reset on iPad without Apple ID password?

Before you undertake such drastic action, please run a backup. There are lots of third-party backup tools available.

– You need to open iTunes on your PC.
– Plug your tablet into your PC.
– Keep on holding both buttons: Home & Top to force your iPad to fall down into recovery mode.
– iTunes will ask what you want to do “Upgrade or Restore”. To get the factory settings – please tap on “Restore”.
– Now you managed to activate iPad without Apple ID and password.


Former Apple ID is indeed something you keep in mind at all times while buying a used iPad. Otherwise, you can face iCloud activation lock.

To remove activation lock you have quite a few choices.

Among them are third-party applications. They remove Apple ID. Many of them use Jailbreak to bypass activation lock.

Another possibility is to call the previous owner to unlock iPad using the original Apple ID (simply by logging in to the iCloud server with the same iCloud account).

A third way to remove iCloud activation lock is via DNS bypass. This method offers to unlock iPad without the required credentials by tricking local DNS settings. Quite an elegant solution.

So, if you are buying used equipment, please ask the owner to wipe out all his data, and make a factory reset. If he forgot Apple ID and password, consult him on how to perform such a task.

If you did your “homework” your purchase can be quite profitable. Wish you no hassles in using your new “old” iPad!

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