How to change WiFi on Shark Robot: a detailed guide

You might have observed, if you possess a Shark Robot, that you occasionally require to switch your Wi-Fi connection. For people who are not familiar with the procedure, this might seem a difficult undertaking, however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. With this article, you’ll discover ways to swiftly and effortlessly modify the WiFi connection on your Shark Robot.

how to change wifi on shark robot
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Shark Robot

A Shark Robot is a robot created to have the appearance and motion of a shark. Shark Robots are employed in a variety of fields, including oceanography, research, and even submarine safety systems.

There are several distinct Shark Robots on the market, each with special qualities and capacities.

The robot vacuum may be employed as a smart robot vacuum cleaner in addition to being used for moping. It comes supplied with a straightforward yet efficient cleaning agent and functions properly.

Moreover, it is a great option for cleaning your personal computer considering that it is relatively easy to operate.

The duration of the cleaning is anticipated in the Shark Robot app.

Just enough cleaning solution is there for the Shark’s container to squirm while the machine mop-scrubs the floor.

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Shark Robot is a fantastic product that makes it simple for customers to clean their homes.

Nevertheless, Shark IQ Robot must be linked to a WiFi network to be used to its best extent. You must change the Wi-Fi settings on your Shark Robot whenever you move or switch networks.

Shark ION Robot does a great job when it comes to battery life. It is not necessary to switch between the device’s high-suction power mode and its energy-effective suction power mode to adjust its runtime; whichever one you choose, it should still have a battery life of around three hours.

This makes it the perfect robot vacuum for speedy cleaning because you’re able to vacuum a big space in just a couple of hours. With a one-hour return time, the robot won’t be trapped in a small area for too long.

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Things to consider before you change WiFi network on your Shark Robot

You should be aware of a couple of things before you change Wi-Fi settings on Shark Robot. At the beginning, confirm that you have the proper WiFi credentials for the new network.

Additionally, you must confirm that your Shark IQ Robot is within the coverage area of the new WiFi network.

Lastly, check to see if your Shark IQ Robot can use the new network. You can move forward once you have confirmed each of these details.

Does the Shark ION Robot require a WiFi network?

WiFi is not always necessary for Shark ION Robot to clean. However, if it is not WiFi-linked, you are missing out on a lot of things.

Among these characteristics are the ones listed below.

Remotely manage your Shark ION Robot: Cleaning jobs can be stopped, started, or resumed through the Shark mobile app when your Shark ION Robot is linked to your network.

Generating personalized itineraries: Your Shark Robot can have cleaning schedules set.

Changing the cleaning power: A connected Shark Robot is capable of changing the suction power needed to efficiently clean various surfaces. Increasing the suction power facilitates dirt cleanup.

Glance through the history of your robot: Shark Robot that is linked can obtain comprehensive records of the robot’s operations. 30 days’ worth of your robot duties is archived on the history page.

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Reasons to switch the WiFi network that the Shark Robot is connected to

For the following reasons, you could consider changing the Wi-Fi network your shark Robot is linked to:

  • To be able to operate your shark robot from a different location after transferring it, you’ll need to switch the Wi-Fi network that it is linked to
  • To change to a new Wi-Fi network if you’re experiencing problems connecting to or operating your Shark ION Robot
  • If your current WiFi isn’t performing as it should or if you’re having signal problems, you might wish to change WiFi network to another desired network

How to reset my Shark ION Robot Wi-Fi

One of the initial actions you ought to consider if your Wi-Fi is acting up or giving you issues is to restart your router. To accomplish this, gently unplug the router’s power cord from the rear. Connect the power cord again after waiting a short while.

Any troubles you may be encountering should be resolved as a result.

Press and hold the Dock and Max buttons simultaneously till a beep is heard if you’re experiencing problems getting your iPhone to connect to your PC. The mobile device starts looking for a Wi-Fi connection as a result, and the Wi-Fi light starts flashing.

How to reconnect the Shark Robot vacuum

If Shark Robot fails to automatically reconnect, you may be required to take it out of the dock and push the power button on the side of the robot for ten seconds to turn it off.

Subsequently, turn the power back on by pressing the power button once more, then repositioning the robot on the dock.

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Click Settings – Wi-Fi Settings, choose the desired network to connect to using your mobile device, and then input the Wi-Fi password (if necessary).

Is it possible to continuously run the Shark Robot vacuum?

When not in use or in the middle of a cleaning task, it is advised to turn off the Shark vacuum. This aids in energy preservation and guards against unintentional robot vacuum activation.

To fully recharge the battery, it is advised to put robot vacuum cleaners on the ION Charging Dock following every use.

Your Shark vacuum robot is going to last longer if you do this, and it also guarantees that it is constantly readily available to use.

Can multiple phones connect to Shark Robot?

The Shark app can in fact function on two different phones. The Shark app doesn’t take any additional measures to recognize you, and it isn’t concerned whether you aren’t logged in.

You might be required to reset your router if you discover that it is not operating effectively. Comply with the instructions below to reset your router.

  1. Ensure your router is powered on.
  2. Find the reset button on your router.
  3. For 30 seconds, press and hold the reset button with a paperclip.
  4. Turn the button off.
  5. Hold off till the router turns back on.

Can a robot vacuum be reprogrammed?

All user information on your robot vacuum, in the application, and the Roomba cloud, gets deleted if you give your Roomba a complete reset. To execute a factory reset, launch the Roomba app, select Settings, and then select Factory Reset. Then the resetting of your Roomba J series robots starts.

It’s enjoyable and simple to operate a robot vacuum. The robot vacuum takes care of everything else if you only press and hold the button on the bottom of the machine for just a couple of seconds.

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How do I change my Shark Wi-Fi settings?

Below is a brief and simple approach to get you started if you’re new to upgrading the WiFi settings on your Shark Robot.

Using the settings menu
The initial action to take is to enter the settings menu of your Shark AI Robot. You must choose the “Wi-Fi” option from the settings menu afterward. This enables you to join a new WiFi network with your Shark Robot.

Establishing the Wifi Connection
You must input the username and Wi-Fi password for the new Wi-Fi network after choosing “Wi-Fi” as your connection type. Before you continue, verify that you have entered the right data. After the data has been entered, your Shark AI Robot gets linked to the new Wi-Fi network.

How do I reset my shark robot for a new house?

Without disassembling the vacuum, one method of getting rid of any minor flaws that could potentially be the cause of specific issues is to reset a Shark vacuum. Users can rapidly resolve these issues with the push of a button by resetting the vacuum, which will return the device to normal performance and function within a few minutes.

The power button on robot vacuum cleaners must be found and held down for ten seconds to reset the device. After this period, let go of the power button, switch on the device again, and the reset occurs, bringing back any previously unavailable features.

Why wont my shark robot connect to the Internet?

The following are a few typical problems that can impede the Wi-Fi connection on your robot vacuum cleaner.

Entering an incorrect Wi-Fi password.

Your Wi-Fi router is dual-band.

The application cannot connect to the Wi-Fi because you are far away from the network, for example.

The majority of these problems are simple to resolve. However, many of these can be avoided by making sure your connection is strong enough before moving the new equipment inside. In locations with poor Wi-Fi, you might observe that the connection is inadequate to operate the robot vacuum.


The majority of the time, weak WiFi connections or internal glitches on the phone or app cause connection problems with your Shark vacuum.

Verify that all of your gadgets are logged into the same WiFi network and that they are nearby when connecting to resolve connectivity issues.

Ensure the vacuum is turned on and close enough to the router. If a connection is not being established, consider resetting the app and the device to fix any potentially corrupted internal data. I hope this article adequately enlightened you.

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