How to Extend Starlink Wifi: Best Tips

Where you are living it’s the most important issue to get a large wifi range! Suppose you are living in a rural area, or in a compact space, in the mess of concrete-made buildings and boundaries-so, you need the extension of the wifi range for your better convenience.

To make you happy, we are here today with our today’s session on How to Extend Starlink Wifi-will. This session will show you some flexible and simple ways to extend your Starlink wifi.

Please keep some patience, and enjoy the entire session. Certainly, it will help you a lot with your wifi range extension-

Starlink Wi-Fi Router Range

Starlink, a popular internet service provider is working to bring the internet from space to the users. Though this company is still in its beta testing, it has already committed a lot to sharing the wider-ranged wifi network even in rural areas. But areas must need to have the range of Starlink ground station!

Starlink Wi-Fi Router Range

However, the most frequently asked question about this internet service provider is, what is the actual range of their wi-fi router? How far does Starlink wifi reach? It is up to 200 feet (from the Feet Line of the straight sight) and 75 feet (through any Interior Walls). This range is almost near to others best wi-fi routers like Netgear, Linksys, and Tp-Link.

Any interior obstacles, like concrete, brick, stone, and steel can reduce this range, so you can get the reduced Starlink Wi-fi range when you are living in such a messy obstacle surrounding your apartment.

How to Extend Starlink Router Wi-Fi Range

Maybe you are not satisfied with your Starlink Router Wi-Fi Range. So, what to do? How you can extend the Starlink Router Wi-Fi range for your smooth internet connections? 

Well, there are lots of ways, and all the ways are simple, hand to hand-doesn’t demand any professional assistance to set up or inclusion.

Let’s see how we can increase the wi-fi range. Not only the Starlink Wi-Fi router, but all these means are also pretty suitable to increase other’s Wi-Fi routers too.

Using Of a Reflector


You might hear about the reflector. It’s a high-tech device, that reflects the signals to the down ground from the satellites. It’s the most awesome means to extend the wi-fi router range!

Almost you can increase the range 3times using this device. Before getting the best reflector, decide which one is going to suit you most! As there are different types of reflectors, and Parabolic reflector is the most common.

Using Of a Booster

wifi booster

A booster also is a device boost up/amplifies the signals down to the ground from the satellites. And you can extend the wi-fi range up to almost 10 times if you use one of the best boosters with your Starlink wi-fi router. 

Move Away from other Interference Sources

Like, baby monitors, micro-oven also cordless phone-these devices are a great source of interference to the router. So, moving away your router from these sources will stable the router signals, and also will give you an enhanced wi-fi router range.

Powerline Networking/Use a 3rd Party Router

You can use a third-party Mesh System with your Starlink Router, it will extend the Wi-fi range. For doing that, you will need a Starlink Ethernet Adapter first. The inclusion of one of the best mesh systems for Starlink in the system will ensure that you can stably get the standard wi-fi range. 

However, Starlink uses the CGNAT (Carrier-Grade NAT) techs to the 3rd party router connection.  

See the below list for how you can get the increased Starline Wi-fi router range with other powerline kits-

  • Starline Mesh Kit= Increased Speed
  • Starline Ethernet Adaptor + Wireless Access point= Increased Speed
  • Starline Ethernet Adaptor +3rd Party Mesh Wi-Fi System= Increased speed
  • Starline Ethernet Adaptor + Powerline Adaptor + Other Powerline Adaptor +Wireless Access Point= Increased Speed

Just at the time of using this 3rd party kit, be sure you have enabled the Bypass Opt. on your main device. So, you will able to bypass the second layer of NAT, as already you are going through the one layer of NAT, so if you do not enable the bridge mode on your device, your wi-fi will be double Natted, which will disrupt the smooth function.

Choose the 2.4 GHz Band instead of 5GHz band

Though the 5GHz band is much speedier, and better in all aspects but try to connect your router to the 2.4 GHz band. Interestingly physics dictation is about these two bands are- 2.5GHz is more stable than the 5GHz.

So, if you connect your wi-fi device with the 2.4GHz band, you will get high speed. Yes, you can connect your device with the 5GHz band, particularly in the ultrashort range this band can work broadly.


These are the manual instructions. If you cannot buy any second device to extend the wi-fi router range, there are some manual initiates that you can go with. Firstly, set the router at the highest position.

The up position of your wi-fi router is helpful to deliver a high range. So, choose the highest shelf or at the rooftop corner of your home! Also, be sure you have placed your device far from any metal objects which may block the wi-fi function.


Can I use Wifi extender with Starlink?

Yes, you can use a Wi-Fi extender with Starlink. But for doing this, you have to bring the extender with Ethernet ports, and it must need to be compatible with the Mesh setting. The problem with an extender is, it will create a second wireless hop, which gives an unstable bandwidth.

Can I use a second router with Starlink?

Yes, you can! Rather it is a great option to use a 2nd router or a 3rd party Mesh system with Starlink to increase the Wi-Fi router range. Just be ensure you have chosen one of the best wi-fi routers which are compatible with the Starlink router.

What is the Starlink router range?

For the straight sight view, where no hard surroundings will come to interfere with the ethernet signals, the Starlink Router range is almost 200feet. And for the worst cases, where you are surrounded by brick, concrete, or other such inferior walls, you will get a range of up to 75 feet.

How can I increase my Starlink speed?

You can add a second router, can add an extender, a booster, a reflector, etc. You also can add a 3rd party Mesh System with your Starlink Wi-Fi Router to get the increased speed. Also, you can set your router at the highest position in your home, and make sure any other signal blockers are not present nearby your router.


So, finally, there are lots of options, you can go through to get the increased range from your Starlink Wi-Fi Router. You just need to know which one is usually the best suitable for you.

Here we have included some simple hand-to-hand solutions. Though the additional device (we have mentioned here) is going to cost you more, believe me, all these devices are just awesome to make potential your ethernet connections.

My best choice is-direct Ethernet Connection, it can work faster than the Starlink Mesh System, or a 3rd Party Mesh System.

That’s all for today on How to Extend Starlink Wifi! If you like this session, please do not feel hesitate to share it on your friend’s timeline!

Thank you.

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