How to get ps4 clips on iPhone?

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Gameplay sharing is extremely important to PS4 (PlayStation 4) gamers. It’s in our nature to want to screen film our PS4’s greatest moves and trophy-winning moments so we can post them on Instagram and TikTok or send them directly to our gaming friends via WhatsApp. The PlayStation 4 Capture Gallery’s native share function, however, is only available on Twitter and YouTube.

What if you wanted to send these PS4 videos directly to your friends or post them on social networking sites like TikTok and Instagram? The solution is to send PS4 footage to an iPhone. In this article, we’ll go over two simple methods for sending PS4 clips to your iPhone. You will therefore understand how to transfer videos from a PS4 to an iPhone user or without a USB after reading.

What you will need to get ps4 clips on iphone?

  • Flash drive
  • Charging cable for your phone
  • Computer
  • An OTG cable, if you have one, eliminates the need for the computer and cable. Additionally, I think you may just utilize the cable if your phone supports USB Mass Storage. Almost all dated Android devices do.

 Flash drive and computer method

Connect the flash drive to your PS4. Navigate to the videos you want to send in your capture gallery. Select “Copy media to mass storage device” from the settings menu by pressing the options button. Choose the videos you want, then wait. Videos and images will be created by the PS4 and placed in a PS4 folder, which will then be organized by game. No need to eject anything; simply take out the flash drive and insert it into your computer. Connect your phone to the PC next to it. From your flash drive, cut or copy the files to the appropriate folder on your phone. Done!

OTG Method

Copy the videos onto the flash drive using the same procedure as before. Connect the OTG cable’s one end to the flash drive and the other to the phone. To copy the files to the proper folder on your iPhone, use a file manager (Astro works just well). Done!

USB Mass Storage method

With an older Android phone, you may be able to utilize it as a USB Mass Storage Device, which means that most devices will regard it as a flash drive. As a result, you can attach your phone to your PS4 and copy videos from it like a flash drive. On your device, it will create the aforementioned PS4 folder, which you can transfer later using a file manager.

Use DearMob iPhone Manager

The quickest method to transfer videos from a PS4 to an iPhone is provided by DearMob iPhone Manager. With it, you can easily click a button to transfer PS4 videos, images, songs, and several other types of data and files between computers and iPhones/iPad/iPods in both ways.

Transfer PS4 Clips to Mac or PC

  • Connect USB top your PS4
  • Open a PS4 clip by finding “Capture Gallery” in the PS4 menu and selecting a game.
  • Choose “Copy to USB storage device” by pressing the Options button.
  • Put your USB drive into your computer after removing it.

Send PS4 Clips to iPhone

By using DearMob iPhone Manager at this time, we can simply download PS4 clips on iPhone!

  • When DearMob has launched and your iPhone is linked to your computer, select the “Video&Movie” option to transfer videos.
  • You may either drag the PS4 video clips directly to the panel or click the “Add Video” option to browse the video on your USB device.
  • To make the changes effective, click “Sync.”

This is the answer for how to get ps4 clips on iPhone? Using dearmob iphone manager.

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