Recommendations on how to get unreleased music

Have you ever wondered how to get unreleased music? The desire to enjoy unreleased tracks is normal for music lovers and fans. Moreover, for the DJ, working with unreleased tracks is a real must for many reasons.

In this article, we are going to help you learn how to get unreleased music and give you some tips for DJs.

Unreleased tracks

We want to take the definition of unreleased music and show the difference between leaked and unreleased music. Unreleased music refers to the officially produced tracks, created by the artists, but not released publicly.

Maybe this particular track was meant to be a preview of an upcoming album, or this song was included in the previous album, but the artist did not consider it good enough to be one of the promo tracks. Maybe it’s just a passing single that he or she didn’t want to release as the official new music.

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The leaked music is unreleased music copyrighted or got on the Internet accidentally, or someone (not the artist or music label) published it not officially. Despite it, the song went public.

Follow your favorite music style

Sometimes all you need to get unreleased music is to surf the internet. If you already know what genre and style of music suits you, then you can find sites that allow you to download such tracks.

It often happens that tracks from unofficial sites are downloaded in poor quality, but sometimes you can find real diamonds there, allowing you and the people around to enjoy them.

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Don’t forget about one of the most important and useful sources – social networks: Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Reddit, especially YouTube, and SoundCloud.

We would like to separately mention SoundCloud because on this platform you can find official tracks that artists have not uploaded to more popular platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, but you can listen to them in good quality for free. Also, there are tracks made by ordinary users – various covers and DJ mixes.

Join music and DJ communities

This is a regular and constant stream of exclusive tracks and a way to show yourself.

DJ community unites DJs with common ideas, goals, and aspirations. People share their experience and work. It’s another way to show yourself to the world and maybe even make DJ friends. Also, other DJs or other DJ friends can give you an appraisal of a DJ mix you made.

A DJ residency at a club can give you access to many other artists and other DJs with whom you can trade tracks. If the club is popular, you may get introduced to producers and artists who are willing to share their unreleased music.

Members of the DJ industry will be able to tell you in more detail about how to get unreleased music legally and use it as profitably as possible.

Starting your DJ residency is a great way to get unreleased tracks, bringing inherent value to the table that labels and producers actively seek.

Sign up for Promo lists

DJs can subscribe to promo lists to get access to fresh, unreleased tracks.

Registration on the promo lists is the initial task of a person when starting a DJ business. This gives an idea of ​​the releases in the industry and a general idea from the artists.

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Register for DJ Pools

DJ Record Pools is an application for DJs that allows you to expand the horizons of the music community. This gives you access to a wide variety of new tracks, including unreleased music, without legal copyright issues. You may produce music downloaded from DJ Pools.

It’s no longer free, like SoundCloud for example. To create your DJ library, you need to make a monthly payment. After registering for DJ Pool, you will receive a question about agreeing to a fixed payment.

You can choose any DJ Pool – ZIPDJ, Digital Music Service, Club Killers, Beatport Link, DJ City, and others. In any case, this is the best value-for-money product.

Organize events

If you are new to the music industry, we highly recommend you make yourself known with your work. This is an effective and quick way to level up your abilities. As a DJ, you can work locally and promote your tracks. Once promoted, labels or PR companies will certainly appreciate your efforts and contact you.

Broadcasting musical events will help you find like-minded people, and good artists who will fill the event program with their creative achievements, including unreleased music. You can give performances yourself to establish yourself in the eyes of your favorite record labels who will want to contact you. Using unreleased music will make your performance special.

By the way, if you get to the level where popular artists, even from smaller record labels, perform at your events, it gives you more stable access to unreleased tracks, since many artists at their concerts in addition to title songs and B-side tracks, use unreleased music to make the program more exclusive and interesting for the audience.

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You can start with small places in your city. The more events you host, the stronger your network of contacts will become, increasing your odds of gaining access. Success allows us to develop.

Sign up your own online-show

The modern world gives us many ways to get unreleased music. You can create your online show or podcast or participate in other DJs’ shows/podcasts.

First of all, it is an exchange of resources. For example, if it’s a popular radio podcast, the artists themselves can provide unreleased tracks for their promotion. This can be a great solution to promote the brand among fans.

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Invite other DJs to your program, and share your music experience. The DJ community is full of versatile people with very useful connections.

This solution can become a link in the chain of your growth, as even just a podcast can open the way for you to meaningful events.

Contact record labels

A common occurrence among well-known DJs is to go directly to the source for content, namely a record label. That’s what social networks are for.

You can email the label yourself or contact the media relations team to state your intentions and ask for permission to access certain tracks.

In general, building relationships directly with record labels (even your favorite record labels), popular artists, and artists who may be obscure but close to you in style is the best way to supplement your content and form the connections resulting in successful cooperation.

Moreover, such connections are reinforced by common interests. You can explore unreleased music, and it will help you stand out from the competition, keep your listeners or fans interested, and even get the attention of other producers and artists who want to work with you in the future.

Mutually beneficial cooperation brings favorable results to the work of both parties and promotes continuous development in a certain area.

Invest your time and energy in your own business and contact sources for unreleased tracks, and you may get your favorite artist or your favorite record label to contact you for further cooperation or even friendship.

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If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

How do I get access to unreleased music?

You can find unreleased music through a variety of social media platforms or join a music community where people are interested in the same style of music or are fond of the same activities.
To get unreleased music, you should work hard in this field, showing yourself to PR companies and record labels and proving that you can brand people’s minds with new music.

Can you download unreleased music?

If you are a music lover and a big fan of a certain artist so much that you want to listen to many exclusive unreleased tracks, then social networks and music communities will help you.
If you need to get unreleased music of a certain genre, style, and the specific artist, then in addition to the options already listed, you can join the community of the DJ industry or register for DJ Record Pools.
Besides, you can start organizing events and establish yourself as a person that PR companies, artists, and record labels want to work with. Then you will receive unreleased music directly from the creators of that music.

Is having unreleased music illegal?

Having unreleased music is not illegal if you have permission from the artists or the record labels to use it.

Where can you listen to unreleased songs?

As a personal recommendation, we may suggest that you use SoundCloud to listen to a certain unreleased track or find new music, even if it has not yet been officially released.


If you have ever wondered how to get unreleased music, we tried to give you a detailed and complete answer. All presented methods are legal. They can provide a path to self-development.

In the era of technology, almost everything can be found on the Internet. This means that you can get unreleased music on various websites, apps, or social networks.

For these purposes and development in the music industry, various communities provide access to music and experience with it.

Offline and online events are another way to get what you want and build mutually beneficial relationships.

The most correct way, with the expectation of a successful future, will be mutually beneficial cooperation directly with record labels, among which there may be ones that you like.

If you’ve ever dreamed of working with your favorite artists and getting tracks from them that the world hasn’t heard yet, then it’s high time to make your dreams come true.

Hope this article was helpful, and now you know how to get unreleased music.

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