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How to install io shield

If you ask any computer builder what is the most difficult part of building a PC?. Their answer will be to Install io shield to the motherboard and connect to it. Today we will discuss how to install io shield to the motherboard and how to connect it.

It takes some skill to attach the IO shield to the motherboard and then attach the entire assembly to the CPU shell. You must handle the devices carefully to avoid damaging the IO shield or motherboard’s delicate components. There are some techniques that make this challenging work simple.

How to install io shield

Your IO shield should be easy to install. Before you begin, it is advised that you read through each of these instructions. Keep in mind that accuracy is required; avoid shortcuts and use the phrase “good enough.” It must be precise.

Follow these steps to install io shield to the motherboard:

1. Start with inserting IO Sheild Correctly

Spend some time examining your IO shield to determine which direction it will fit into the CPU case. Make sure it moves in the appropriate direction because if not, you risk damaging it both going in and coming out.

Knowing where your IO shield will sit on the motherboard will help you choose which way it should face. Start aligning the IO shield with the motherboard as soon as you are aware. It must be as near to perfect as you can make it. To keep it steady, you might want to get a second pair of hands.

2. Search for the details on IO Sheild

The IO shield actually has a lot of information for something so basic. You will see circular lumps somewhere on your shield (often close to the margins of the shield). Due to the micro-vibrations of your case, these bumps help prevent the shield from shifting or slipping out of the case. They also maintain everything’s position if you change your PC.

3. Remove all of the exhaust fans

You need to take extra precautions because this is the step where most people make mistakes while installing an IO shield. There isn’t much “wiggle” area in your case, which makes it difficult for so many people that how to install the IO shield. You can safely remove the exhaust fan that is probably too close to the IO shield brace even if we don’t advise taking anything else out of the case.

You will be able to view the braces from any direction after this fan is gone. Take images of the exhaust fan before you unscrew it to make the replacement process easier, and then go to the next step.

4. Start the installation Process

Finally, you can begin installing the IO shield. Lay your CPU case horizontally first, then move the IO shield into position.

You’ll need to push on the IO shield’s corner, but be careful not to push too hard lest you bend anything. The other bottom corner should then be forced into position by applying pressure. If it goes in properly, you should hear a clicking sound.

Keep in mind that the bumps on the shield must be higher than the case’s metal bracing. You won’t ever hear the clicking sound if they are not positioned there.

5. Check that everything is in the right place

After completing the aforementioned steps and hearing the clicking sound, double-check your shield placement. The case has been placed successfully if you can see all of the IO shield’s bumps emerging from their metal supports.

Consider giving it a gentle jiggle to see if anything comes out (without exerting too much energy). You can proceed if nothing happens.

Install the exhaust fans again to complete the process.

This is the answer to the question of how to install io shield. If you follow the above steps, you can easily install io shield to the motherboard and connect to it.


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