Does Icelandair Have Wifi? [Best Answers]

If you’re planning to fly with Icelandair naturally you’d be interested in their inflight services. Especially, when it comes to inflight internet services. Long flights without the internet are unimaginable these days.

So with that thought in mind, you must be wondering, Does Icelandair Have Wifi?

Icelandair provides wifi services to Boeing 737, 757, and 767 fleets. Wifi service is available for Iceland to Europe and Iceland to North America route flights. Any domestic flight doesn’t have the wifi service option. You have to pay on board to gain a 24-hour wifi pass.

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Does Icelander Have Wifi?

Icelandair Airlines provides wifi service for certain aircraft. The fleet of Boeing 737, 757, and 767 aircraft have inflight wifi service included. But it’s not free of cost.

You have the option to pay for the inflight wifi while boarding the aircraft. And the wifi will be available from the moment you board on it. Whereas some other airlines provide wifi only above 10,000 feet.

The wifi service might not be on par with what you are used to regularly. The Boeing 757 provides good-speed wifi where you can even stream on the net.

But the Boeing 757 and 767 provide a 3G connection. So, it’ll be difficult to stream anything. However, it’ll be enough for web browsing, receiving, and sending emails. 

You’ll get a 24-hour pass in one purchase. Wifi service is not available for DHC-8 aircraft and any domestic flights.

Icelander Wifi Costs 

A lot of people asks-Does Icelander have free WiFi? Regretfully, they don’t. But if you’re traveling in saga premium, economy flex, or saga premium flex you’ll get 2 device access.

Members of the saga club can use wifi connection by using saga points. This option applies to Saga gold membership holders as well. But you’ve to pay for using wifi in economy class. 

The cost varies on the route and the aircraft. The table below shows the wifi cost and more details about the service based on the aircraft.

AircraftBoeing 737 Max FleetBoeing 757/767 Fleet
Cost of Iceland-Europe route€10€10
Cost of Iceland-North America route€20€12
Speed Broadband connection, High speed, not affected by the number of user devices3G connection, Moderate speed, affected by the number of user devices
Can be used forStreaming, web browsing, sending and receiving emailWeb browsing, sending, and receiving email

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How to Access Icelander WIFI 

icelandair wifi cost

Each aircraft have a different internet access portal. You’ve to connect to your designated wifi portal depending on the aircraft you boarded. 

However, the general direction for connecting the wifi is the same for all Icelandair aircraft. Here’s how to do it.

  • Switch your device to flight mode after boarding.
  • Now turn on the wifi network.
  • Choose the wifi SSID called “Icelandair Internet Access”.
  • Now, if you’re boarding on fleet 737, go to a web browser and browse If you’re boarding on fleet 757 or 767, go to
  • Now, read the portal instruction and follow them to connect to wifi.

Enjoy your web browsing.

Does Icelandair Have A Wifi Refund Policy?

Yes, they have a refund policy for the air wifi service. If the wifi is not working on your device, you can call a flight attendant to ask for help. Ask them if they can do anything about the issue. 

If they can’t fix it, you can ask for a refund through their website. Go to Icelandair’s official website. Click on the support option on the menubar and choose “contact us/claims”.

There you’ll find the “request a refund” option. To ask for a refund, provide your air ticket and flight and date number. Once submitted, they’ll notify you about further progress.

Can You Make Voice Call Using Icelandair Wifi?

You can not make any voice calls or phone calls while boarding the plane. You won’t be able to make a voice call using Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom, or any other services.

That’s because your device is in airplane mode. If anyone calls you on your phone number, they’ll hear that you’re unavailable at the moment. The same goes for texting as it uses a GSM network.

But you can text people through WhatsApp, messenger, or any other similar services using the onboard wifi. As usual, texting with wifi without using a service is possible even on board.

Does Bluetooth Headphones Work On Icelandair?

Yes, Bluetooth headphones can be connected while boarding on Icelandair flights. You can use them to connect them to any electronic device. They can be used on inflight entertainment systems as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Does Icelander have inflight entertainment?

Yes, you can enjoy your flight in Icelandair with varieties of entertainment options. They have access to newly released to classic movies and tv shows. They also have a wide range of collections for Icelandic music. They even sell headphones if you ever need one.

Do Icelander Planes have a TV?

Yes, their inflight entertainment service includes TV as well. They have a collection of classical to newly released tv shows and movies. But if you’re thinking of streaming a show then it’s possible in Boeing 737 only. Boeing 757 & 767 wifi connection doesn’t provide enough speed for streaming service.

Do Icelander Flights Have USB port outlets? 

Yes, they have USB port outlets on every seat. So, you’ll be able to charge your electronic device with ease. You can also use the inflight entertainment system if you need to plug in a cable to charge your device. So, you don’t have to worry about your devices running out of battery power.


That was all on Does Icelandair Have Wifi? Hopefully, you got the answer to your question. If you need more information regarding their services, you can check out their official website.

You can also contact them if you have any special inquiries. They have good customer service care. Happy traveling!

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