Mediacom Remote Not Working: 6 Causes & Solutions!

Here are the 6 causes fo why a Mediacom remote may not be working:

  • Mediacom remote stops working due to weak batteries. 
  • This situation can also arise if the cable box malfunctions. 
  • Obstacles between the remote and the cable box can hinder its functions. 
  • The Mediacom remote can stop working if it is fully damaged. 
  • Some other miscellaneous issues also cause Mediacom remote malfunctions.

This is just the summary of my discussion. I have discussed all the necessary information on the Mediacom remote not working here. So stay with me!

Mediacom Remote Not Working: At A Glance

Different factors affect the Mediacom remote functions just like the connection issues of HDMI. Here is a table depicting all the reasons at a glance. 

Weak BatteriesReplace The Batteries
The Cable Box Is MalfunctioningReboot the Cable Box
Remote Signal Doesn’t Reach The DestinationRemove Barriers
The Remote Is DamagedReplace The Remote
The Wrong Remote Mode Is SelectedChange The Remote Mode
Miscellaneous IssuesContact Customer Support

Mediacom Remote Not Working: Detailed Solution 

The detailed solutions will help you to solve the Mediacom remote issues more accurately. So be patient and go through this section.

Weak Batteries:

One of the prime reasons that affects the working of Mediacom remote is weak batteries. Batteries are essential to supply power to the remote. Once one of the remote buttons is pressed, the battery powers the sensors to send a signal.

Weak Batteries
Source: YouTube

The remote will not work without this battery power. The battery loses its strength due to continuous use. Also, keeping the battery unused for a long time can affect the battery potential. 


Fixing the issues with weak batteries is not very complex. Follow the above-given steps while solving this problem. 

  • First, make sure that the batteries are out of juice. Get the batteries out of the Mediacom remote to do that. Insert them into another electronic device like a clock and see if it works. If the device does not work, the battery has lost its potential. 
  • The batteries must be replaced if they don’t have any strength left. Make sure to buy batteries that match the battery housing of the remote. The best way to buy the correct set of batteries is to buy batteries similar to the old ones. 
  • You have to install the batteries properly after buying the correct ones. The flat surface of the battery should connect to the spring in the battery housing. Insert the batteries in this manner and you are good to go.

The Cable Box Is Malfunctioning:

Sometimes Mediacom remotes don’t work due to malfunctions in the cable box. The remote sends signals to the cable box through its sensors. However, the cable box must be capable of receiving and processing these signals. 

A damaged cable box affects the function of the remote as well as causes problems in the TV. The cable box can malfunction due to various reasons. Anyway, most of the reasons are difficult to deal with and require professional help. 


A simple reboot can fix the small issues of the cable box. Here is a guideline on resetting the box easily. 

  • Locate the electrical point where the cable box is connected for electricity. 
  • Take the cable box cable out of the power outlet. Don’t disconnect any other cables.
  • Now leave the box unplugged for about a minute. Also, check that all other necessary cables are connected to the cable box.
  • Reconnect the box to the power outlet and turn it on. Thus the cable box will be rebooted. 

The remote should start working once the cable box is rebooted. If it still doesn’t work, the problem with the box might be serious. Contact customer care to check the box.

Remote Signal Doesn’t Reach The Destination:

Though modern-day remotes have newer technologies, sometimes simple barriers can obstruct the signal. Mediacom remotes can suffer from this issue too. Remotes send signals in the form of radio frequency or infrared frequency.

Remote Signal Doesn’t Reach The Destination

Any obstacle between the remote and the cable box will prevent the motion of this signal. Thus, the Mediacom remote signal won’t reach the cable box sensors because of the obstacles. 


The only solution to this problem is to remove any obstacle that comes between the remote and the box. Here are some of the factors that you can cross-check to ensure a clear sight. 

  • The sensor receiver on the cable box must be clean. Specks of dust accumulated on the sensor will prevent it from receiving signals. Use a damp cloth to clean the sensors. 
  • Also, keep the signal transmitter of the remote clean. This component can be cleaned with a damped cloth.
  • Any furniture should not come between the TV and the Mediacom remote. 
  • Point the remote towards the cable box or television while pressing the buttons. 

The Remote Is Damaged:

Mediacom remotes do not run for an eternity. They have a definite lifetime. Some remotes might work for 10 or 12 years. 

While other remotes might reach the end of their life at the age of 5 or 7 years. And once a remote is damaged, there is no other way but to replace it.


It is important to make sure the remote is completely damaged before replacing it. This can be easily done by resetting the remote. Here is how you can reset the Mediacom remote. 

  • Press the Pause and TiVo buttons of the Mediacom remote together.
  • Then wait 5 seconds. 
  • The red lights of the remote should turn on after 5 seconds. Make sure that the red is glowing constantly. 
  • Press the Zero button and the procedure of resetting the remote will be completed.

Now test the remote with your television. If the remote still doesn’t work, probably it is damaged and needs a replacement. 

The Wrong Remote Mode Is Selected:

The frequency mode of the Mediacom remote can hugely affect the remote’s performance. As mentioned earlier, Mediacom remotes mostly use Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared frequency (IR) for sending signals.

Wrong Remote Mode
Source: YouTube

Sometimes one of these signals works better than the other. So selecting the right frequency mode is very important for strong performance. 


Changing the mode of the Mediacom remote is quite easy like fixing the Samsung TV aspect ratio problem. Here are the required steps for performing this task. 

  • Click the TiVo button and keep it holding. 
  • Then click and hold the C button (red colored). Clicking the C button will select the IR mode. If you want to select the RF mode, press the D button (green colored).
  • Once you select your preferred mode, the red light of the remote will start flashing. This means the preferred mode has been selected.
  • Now test your remote. Test your remote in both modes and select the one which works best.

Changing the Mediacom remote mode can be complicated. So try this technique only when no other method is left.

Miscellaneous Issues:

The Mediacom remote can suffer from several other problems besides the issues mentioned above. They can be termed as miscellaneous issues. 

Some of these problems are very difficult to find and fix. So Do-it-yourself solutions can not be applied in these cases.


There isn’t much you can do about these issues. Contact customer support and let them deal with the situation. 

These are all the solutions for a nonfunctional Mediacom remote. The solutions are quite simple as fixing the Nintendo Switch surround sound. Now you can fix your Mediacom remote within no time.


This is all on the solutions of Mediacom remote not working. Now get yourself ready to fix your remote. Make sure to follow all the steps properly to avoid any mistakes.

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