SONY Vegas Clip Greyed Out! How To Fix It?

Are You facing the problem sony vegas clip greyed out? In This article, we will discuss how to fix this problem.

To fix this problem, first of all, were should know why people facing this problem:

Why Sony Vegas Clips Grey Out?

There are a few causes of graying out, however, these are the four most typical ones:

How To Fix Sony Vegas Clips Grey Out?

To fix this problem you should follow the below instruction:

1. Check The Solo Button

Many Sony Vegas users unintentionally click the Solo button. Before Vegas Pro 16, the solo button is denoted by the sign “!”. The Solo button is therefore indicated by the letter “S”.

The particular track or video ungroups from the video and Sony Vegas Clip is grayed out when the solo function in Vegas is enabled.

I’ve included a screenshot so you can see where the solo button is.

sony vegas clip greyed out


2. Unmute All Video

Well, occasionally someone will mute the entire video, which will make Vegas Clip grey out, but the music will still play.

We must therefore unmute the All video option to fix the Sony Vegas Clip Greyed out the issue.

Follow the steps to Unmute All Video option in Sony Vegas:

  • Launch Sony Vegas.
  • Find “Options” on the top bar and click on it.
  • The menu will show up.
  • Verify that the “Mute All Video” checkbox is selected.
  • Now click on “Mute All Video” to unchecked

sony vegas clip greyed out

I think, at this time your sony vegas clip greyed out problem solved.

If you are still facing this problem, then follow the next solution.

4. Unmute All Audio To Fix Sony Vegas Clip Greyed Out

Similar to the previously mentioned fix, this option is unintentionally checked by a Sony Vegas user who then encounters the Sony Vegas Clip Greyed Out problem.

In this case, the user is unable to hear the video’s audio and some of the video’s elements are also grayed out.

To fix this problem, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Sony Vegas.
  • On the top bar find “Options” click on it
  • The menu will appear
  • Check if the “Mute All Audio” option is “checked”.
  • Mute all audio to “Unchecked”.


Now your Vegas Clip Greyed Out error and Audio Grey Out is resolved.

If this method is also not working then follow the next step.

4. Restart The Pc and Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas Clip Greyed Out or any other bug will require you to restart the game. Any transient error caused by outdated cookies and cache or by other system applications interfering with your video and audio editing program can be fixed by restarting Vegas.

After a quick restart of your computer or any other device you use, all of these issues will be eliminated.









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