What is Google Partner Setup and do you need it?

Google Partner Setup is an application with which all Android phone users are very familiar, because they usually have it preinstalled on their Android device.

what is google partner setup

Where is Google Partner Setup settled?

To find that Google app just head to Settings on your Android phone, chose Apps there, next jump to App Management, and press the Show system apps button.

In the search field type Google Partner Setup and you will see the app with your own eyes.

Does it look suspicious? Why is it there? On what purpose? Let’s pinpoint together what is Google Partner Setup app.

The most important functions

The Google Partner Setup app is very multifunctional on anyAndroid device.

First of all, it participates in setting up a new Android device and manages preferences such as the device’s language, time zone, and other basic settings. 

The Google Partner app is also responsible for the compatibility of Android software with the majority of apps. Thanks to Google Partner Setup work, all apps you take from Google Play services can function with any Android implementation without hiccups.

There are many examples of Google apps and Google services, which should be befriended. For instance, we can open a random text editor and type there by Google keyboard or use Google Translate for translation. We can also apply Google Calendar on other apps to make your life well organized. 

Moreover, this app removes malfunctions in battery use, WiFi connection, and screen display. It solves app crashes, slow performance, or freezing and can help to adjust all settings of a device after Android has been updated to the new version.

Do not confuse

Here we have to notice, it is very important not to confuse The Google Partner Setup app and the Google Partners program. Those two things are completely different.

The Google Partners program is a huge Google project created on purpose to help companies to advertise their brands or businesses.

Google productshere providethe training, support, and resources to help different companies grow and stand out in the industry.

Google Partner Setup as we already mentioned is the Android app. Though it can help to manage Google Partner account and resolve various issues. In particular, it allows you to configure phone numbers, websites, and other settings connected with a Google Partner Setup account.

What happens if I eliminate the app

There are a lot of preinstalled apps in our Android gadgets that seem useless, and it’s very appealing to disable them, and empty some additional space. Many of us are not eager to use Google products settled by default.

But if you uninstall Google Partner Setup, be aware of all consequences. Google Partner Setup app is a significant component of the Android OS and we don’t advise disabling it. This action can lead to severe malfunctions. A lot of Google products and services with high probability will behave oddly or you just might disable Google Play services completely.

If you want to disable some Google Play services click Disable buttons in the App drawer and remove unlovely apps one by one. It’s better not to change Google Partner Setup.

What if I still want to get rid of the app?

As a system feature, Google Partner Setup can’t be influenced without getting root access. You have to have full authority and permission to customize your Android device. And even if your gadget is rooted, it still might be hard to get rid of the Google Partner app. 

If you already have rooted your phone, follow this simple procedure to disable Google Partner Setup.

Go straight to the App drawer – the path we have already described at the beginning of the article. In the next step, find Google Partner Setup and its Settings

If Disable option is available, click on it to disable Google Partner Setup. Otherwise, Force-stop the Partner Setup. Nothing else you can do with Google Partner Setup for now.

How to revive the app if it was disabled?

Initially, from the start, Google Partner Setup is activated on all Android devices, but, if you somehow damaged it, you can fix the software almost in the same way as you broke it.

Go straight to the app drawer – the path was mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Recognize Settings app for Google Partner Setup. 

If Enable option is available, tap on it to turn on a Google Partner account. But keep in mind, this method would be useless if the app was uninstalled.  

The app shows a malfunction

Let’s try to fix it.

The most obvious and easy way  

Cache memory is useful due to speeding up data retrieval, but can overwhelm the system over time. So let’s clear it up.

Go straight to the app drawer – the path you already know from the beginning of the article. Search Settings appfor Google Partner Setup. Recognize the Clear cache or data button and use it to clean all Google setup app data to fix the app.

If a Google Partner Setup error still shows up, we are in trouble and this is time to solve the problem immediately. What we can do in that case?

Change a custom ROM for a stock ROM  

If you somehow rooted your device and put in where custom ROM, you can see the Google Partner Setup issue as the standard notification about it pops up.

In this case, try to install a stock ROM, we mean your device’s default stock ROM, which was there before you deliberate modification in OS.

Consider the model and other configurations of your gadget, and look for the specific instructions on developer’s forums for Android users devoted to Google products.

Last-case scenario

As the most unwanted scenario, you can attempt to repair the Google Partner Setup app on your lovely Android device by doing a factory reset. To prevent losing all your data make a local or remote backup. Charge your phone before starting to be sure it won’t turn out in the middle of the resetting.

Here are the main steps for rescuing Google Partner Setup app by the factory reset.

Go straight to the settings, find back up and reset there, and chose reset the factory data. Patiently wait until the process will be completed. Keep your hope that the factory reset
will help.

Wrapping up

What is Google Partner Setup? It’s quite important component of Android. This preinstalled app is responsible for setting up a new Android device and managing multiple apps compatible with each other. It can also fix malfunctions in battery use, WiFi connection, and screen display.

Please, don’t uninstall Google Partner Setup app in any circumstances. It can cost a lot because this Android app is crucially important.

I hope the article is useful to you. Now we will consider some more questions that will fully shape your understanding on this topic.


What does being a Google partner mean?

A Google partner is a member of the Google Partners program, whichoffers three types of participation – Member, Partner, and Premier. The program goal is to help companies grow up using innovative tools, resources, and support from Google and get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns.

For example, this program can help to create Google Partner Setup Reddit and provide connections between businesses and their potential customers through the Reddit platform.

How do I become a Google-certified business?

Sometimes we can see the Google Partner badge on websites or marketing materials. It means that the company received official recognition from Google as a Google Ads expert.

The Google Partner badge is a certification that displays an agency’s proficiency in Google Ads. Those advertising agencies spend above a monthly threshold on Ads for their clients and have a long history of using Google Ads for PPC advertising.

Your company can get the Google Partner badge if three requirements will be fulfilled: Performance, Spend, and Certifications. For more detailed instructions consult with Google Ads Help.

What is partner on Android?

With an Android partnership, any developer or other IT specialist, or just an advanced user of Google products can get access to a variety of tools and services. They help to configure, manage, and optimize Android devices. On the other hand, partners can collaborate with Google, and share important information, data, and analytics.

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