Why Is My Cable Box Blinking Green: 6 Common Causes!

Here are the 6 reasons why your cable box is blinking green light because of:

  • An ongoing software update. 
  • A loose connection. 
  • Sometimes an unauthorized cable box blinks for a legal subscription. 
  • Signal issues 
  • Problems with the cable box remote 

These are just the common causes of why your cable box is  blinking green light. I have also discussed the fixes for these issues. So stay with me to fix your cable box easily!

Why Is My Cable Box Blinking Green: At A Glance

The table below provides all the reasons and solutions for a cable box blinking green light. Check out the table properly to find the issue with your cable box easily. 

Software Update Is Going OnWait for The Update to Be Finished
Loose ConnectionsFix The Connections
Unauthorized DeviceAuthorization
Remote MalfunctionFix The Remote
Weak Or No SignalEnsure Proper Signal
The Device Is in Hunt ModeResetting

The solution to the above issues requires detailed guidelines just like fixing the Nintendo switch surround sound. So make sure to go through the following section to avoid any mistakes. 

Why Is My Cable Box Blinking Green: Detailed Solutions 

The detailed discussion on the cable box blinking green light will clear all your doubts. Make some to go through all the points attentively!

Software Update Is Going On:

A Cable box blinking the green light can be an indication of an ongoing software update. The cable box uses an operating software for doing its work. And like most other software, the cable box software also needs frequent updates. 

The developers provide updates to keep the software free of bugs and glitches. Sometimes the updated software gets downloaded automatically over the WiFi network. 

Then the device starts to install it and blinks the green light. Usually, the green light blinks three times in a row during an ongoing software update.


There is nothing but to wait in this situation. However, make sure to comply with the below-given instructions to ensure a clean update. 

  • Do not disconnect the cable box from the power outlet while the update is going on.
  • Make sure that the internet connection is stable.
  • Wait for the software update to be finished. Then restart the cable box.

The green light will turn off once the software update is completed. So you don’t have to worry much in this case. 

Loose Connections:

Several electrical connections are necessary to run the cable box without any errors. The green light will start blinking if any of these connections are loose. Weak connections cause problems in the activation of the cable box. 

These problems are indicated by the blinking green light.

blinking green light
Source: Youtube


Here is what you can do to fix any loose connection in your cable box.

  • Check all the connections coming to and going out of the cable box.
  • If any cable is loose, take it out of the port and reinsert it.
  • Make sure that none of the cables bear excess tension. The cables must be tensionless and free.

Unauthorized Device:

Buying and installing a cable box is not enough to watch television channels. You must need a subscription to get this service. Any cable box without a paid or legal subscription is termed as an unauthorized device. 

The unauthorized cable box might blink a green light to display the issue. The blinking is very persistent in this case. Using an unauthorized device is morally wrong and can bring legal problems. 


The only solution to this problem is to get a legal subscription for the cable box. Here are the steps for doing that. 

  • First you have to contact your cable operator. You will find the operator’s name and details in your cable box manual. 
  • Then you have to provide the necessary information to the operator. They will ask for your name, address, and account number. 
  • Once you provide the operator with all the information, they will activate your device. 
  • Restart the cable box. Now it should be authorized and the green light will go away.

However, these steps can vary for different cable operators. The best option for activating the cable box is to call the operator’s helpline. 

Remote Malfunction:

The remote sends signals to the cable box to control various functions. But sometimes the remote malfunctions and fails to send the signal. These problems are similar to the Mediacom remote malfunctioning.

Remote Malfunction
Source: Youtube

The cable box might blink a green light in this situation. The remote can malfunction for the following reasons. 

  • There is interference between the remote and the cable box.
  • The wrong remote mode is selected.
  • Remote batteries are out of juice. 
  • The remote has been completely damaged. 


Fixing a dysfunctional remote is not very hard. Here are the required steps for this task. 

  • Check the remote batteries. You have to replace them if they are out of juice. 
  • Clean the remote and the cable box signal receiver. 
  • Reset the cable box. Unplugging and replugging the cable box should reset it. However, many cable boxes have a dedicated button on the front panel for this job.

The remote might be completely damaged if the above steps don’t work. You will have to replace the remote in such a situation. 

Weak Or No Signal:

The cable box receives signals to display the channels on the television. This signal might come through cables or satellites. A strong signal system is necessary for the optimum performance of the box.

cable box signal system
Source: theatlantic.com

The cable box will start blinking the green light if this signal is weak. No signal in the box will also give the same result. 


Go through the below-given instructions to solve the issue of no or weak signal in the cable box.

  • Make sure all the cables are connected perfectly. 
  • Some cable boxes come with a satellite receiver. The receiver must be facing in the right direction. Follow the manual of your cable box to set up the receiver perfectly.
  • Restart your cable box if all these solutions fail. Sometimes a simple restart can solve the network issue.
  • Sometimes bad weather can cause this issue. There is no other solution but to wait in this case.

Contact customer care if the signal signal issues prevail even after following all the steps.

The Device Is in Hunt Mode:

The last but not least reason causing the green light is the Hunt mode. Anyway, this mode is only found in the Comcast cable box. Hunt mode means the cable box is not ready to be authorized. The green light blinks continuously to indicate this mode. 


This problem should be solved automatically. Wait for the box to blink the green light twice. This phenomenon means that the Comcast box is ready for authorization. 

If the problem isn’t solved automatically, reset your cable box by unplugging it.

These are all the causes and solutions to the blinking green light of your cable box. These fixes are quite as easy as resetting the computer’s uptime.


This is all I have on your question: why is my cable box blinking green. I have tried my best to provide all the necessary answers to your question. I think that now you will be able to fix the problem with your cable box.

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