Yamaha AV Controller App Not Finding Receiver: 6 Solutions!

The Yamaha AV Controller App Not Finding Receiver can happen for various reasons. First, there might be network issues between the app and the Receiver. Second, an old version of the app can cause this problem. Often the security issues of the intermediate router can cause problems too.

This is just the core of this issue. I have discussed more on the Yamaha AV controller app not finding a Receiver to guide you. So stay with me and keep scrolling!

Key Takeaways

  • The Yamaha AV Controller App can fail to find the Receiver if it is not updated. 
  • The Receiver can have internal issues which make the Receiver undiscoverable.
  • Router issues can also cause problems between the Yamaha AV Controller App and the Receiver. 

Yamaha AV Controller App Not Finding Receiver: At A Glance

There are several solutions to this issue just like fixing a dysfunctional Mediacom remote. Go through the table below to have a clear idea about the fixes at a glance.

Network IssueRecheck The Connections
Receiver Is Turned OffSupply Power to The Receiver
Old Version of AppUpdate The App
The App Is GlitchingRestart The App
Receiver MalfunctioningRestart The Receiver
Wrong Router SettingsCorrect The Settings

Yamaha AV Controller App Not Finding Receiver: Detailed Solution 

Solving the issue of the Yamaha App not finding the Receiver can be complicated. For this reason, I have discussed all the necessary information about this matter here. 

Network Issue:

The first issue that restricts the Yamaha AV Controller App from working is network problems. This app connects to the receiver by using the same WiFi network. 

So the mobile containing the app and the Yamaha Receiver must be in the same network. Or else, the Yamaha AV Controller app will not find the Receiver. 


The solution to the network issue is discussed below.

  • First, check if the mobile phone containing the app and the Yamaha Receiver are connected to the same WiFi network. 
  • If the Yamaha AV Controller App still doesn’t find the Receiver, you have to reconnect the devices.
  • Sometimes the router might have glitches. You have to restart the router in that case. Then connect the devices again.
  • If all the solutions do not work, reset your router. Click the power button of your router for a few seconds. Then the router will get reset. Reconfigure the router and connect the mobile and Receiver. 

Following all these steps should solve the network issues between the Yamaha AV Controller App and Yamaha Receiver. 

Receiver Is Turned Off:

Sometimes the Yamaha AV Controller App might not find the Yamaha Receiver due to power issues. The Receiver must be turned on so that the app can find it. The power issue can happen because-

Receiver Turned Off
Source: Youtube
  • A broken or damaged power outlet will fail to power the Receiver. 
  • Sometimes the Receiver might be connected to the outlet loosely. 
  • The Receiver cable will fail to supply power if it is damaged. 


Here are the easiest solutions to fix the power issue of the Receiver. 

  • Check the power outlet using another electrical device. If the outlet fails to supply power to this device too, it is broken. Replacing the power outlet is a must in this case.
  • Make sure the receiver plug is stuck to the outlet tightly. 
  • If the power outlet is functional but still fails to supply power, the Receiver cable is damaged. Call customer care or get help from a professional to replace the cable.

Old Version of App:

Similar to any other mobile application, the Yamaha AV Controller App also needs frequent updates. The app developers fix different glitches and issues of the app through updates.

Old Version App
Source: Youtube

Also, the functionality of the app depends highly on its version. For this reason, the Yamaha AV Controller App might not work if it isn’t updated. Thus it will fail to find the Yamaha Receiver.


The only solution to this issue is updating the Yamaha AV Controller App. Follow the below steps to do this task easily. 

  • If you are using an Android phone, open the Google Play Store. Press your profile picture. It is situated in the top right corner. Now press Manage Apps and Devices. Here you will find the Yamaha AV Controller App. Click on it and press the update option.
  • The system is quite similar for iPhone users too. Open the App Store to update the app. Then tap on your profile picture. Now look for the Pending Updates and Release Notes option and update your Yamaha AV Controller App. 

The App Is Glitching:

Sometimes the Yamaha AV Controller App might not find the Receiver due to internal glitches. Mobile applications are very sophisticated software. These things can face issues for various reasons. And most of the time it is hard to find the actual reason behind the glitches. 

App Glitching
Source: Youtube


The best way to solve the Yamaha AV Controller App glitching issues is by restarting it. Just turn off the Yamaha Controller App. Then remove it from the recent section of your phone. Then turn on the app again. Uninstall the app and reinstall the Yamaha app if this technique fails. Hopefully, the problem will be solved. 

Receiver Malfunctioning:

The Yamaha Receiver sends and receives signals to the network with the Yamaha Controller App. Sometimes the app works fine, but the Receiver fails to establish the connection. This situation has similarities with the issue of USB not detecting any device.

Since the Receiver is an electronic device, any circuitry problem can cause this issue. So, fixing the Receiver can be troublesome for you.


Restarting the Yamaha Receiver is the best way to fix it. Turn off the Receiver and cut its power supply. Then reconnect the Receiver and turn it on. This should solve the network issues of the Receiver and the app will find it now.

If the Receiver is still undetected, you have to reset it. Follow these steps to reset your Yamaha receiver. 

  • Turn off the Yamaha Receiver by pressing the Power button.
  • Now tap on the Power button of the Yamaha for some seconds. 
  • While pushing the Power button, repeatedly press the Program button. The display will show INIT or INITIAL after some moments. 
  • Keep pressing the Program button and the display will change to INIT…ALL or INITIAL ALL. 
  • Now turn off the Receiver again and the reset is completed. 

Wrong Router Settings:

The router plays an important role in establishing a network between the Yamaha Receiver and the app. However, any wrong router security settings will disrupt the network. Specially Firewall Settings and Security settings can block the app’s access. As a result, the Yamaha AV Controller App will not find the Receiver. 


Solving the router issue depends on the router model and version. Find the manual of your router and check the ways of accessing the router security settings. Then turn off any overprotective option in the settings. 

These are all the ways you can make the Yamaha AV Controller App find the Receiver. The methods to solve this issue are not as simple as fixing the Samsung TV aspect ratio problem. So go through all the instructions properly. 


This is all on the topic of the Yamaha AV Controller App Not Finding Receiver. I have tried to provide all the possible issues and solutions on this topic. Now you should be able to fix your issue without much trouble.

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